Thursday, March 8, 2012

Running for beginners. A chronicle.

So you decided to take your first steps in the amazing world of running. Great! You went to your favorite retail store and bought those beautiful shiny sneakers, which that kind lady told you were the last trend.

You set your alarm last night but you wake up just before the beeping started, you get dressed in a hurry with your new gear (including the new ipod nano), you are full of energy and think that the 41 Fahrenheit won't stop you.

You drive towards the nearest park, you have been told that it is a great place to run. Once you are there, you start wondering:
- "Should I stretch?" You think.
- "How much time should I run?"
- "Should I walk first?"

You look around trying to look for an answer, but no one seems to care that you have no clue whatsoever of where to begin, so you decide that you need to start moving before people begin asking awkward questions.

Suddenly, you remember that you found a beginner running program on the internet and when you saw it you thought: "Who needs that?" Now you feel that it would have been helpful to take a look at it. "Too late", you say in a low voice as your first lap begins.

A few minutes later (they seem hours to you), you start feeling your heart beating in an unusual way, you have difficulty catching your breath and a lot of cold sweat is flowing from your forehead.
- "Is this normal?"
- "Should I be feeling this way?"
- "Is this blurry vision because the sun isn't out yet?"

You don't have time to figure out, a couple of minutes later you faint just before a group of runners fly past you.

- "Hope someone helps him", they say....

The last paragraphs are a bit unreal (barely) because they represent how a person who wants to start running feels. It is normal that you feel out of place when you start an activity and that you don't know what to do.

My advice is that you should get informed before you go to the park or track. Find out a good running program for beginners and ask questions. There will always be someone out there to help you.

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