Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ironman triathlon training program. Fulfill your goal of competing.

This kind of competition is like no other and it is only for men and women who want to test their bodies in extreme conditions. However, most people who want to start training have the same questions about the basics:
  • How does anyone develop the abilities needed to take part in this competitions successfully?
  • What physical skills are needed to compete?
  • When do you have to start training for a race?
  • How many sessions a week do you have to train?

Well, first things first. Your main goal is to find a good training program and to stick to it. This action can be the difference between success and failure. After that, it is a matter of persistence, discipline, hard work and patience.

The ironman triathlon training program I want to recommend is developed by Ashley Carron-Arthur.

This guy is a certified coach and has competed in several races. He is an expert in the matter and has helped a lot of athletes complete their first triathlons and ironmans while improving their swimming, cycling and running performance.

He teaches basic principles that anyone can put in practice and his system comes with a 2 month 100% guarantee. This is very important because with so many information out there, it is easy to get confused and scammed by anyone.

Some of the things you will be taught by Ashley:
  • How to cut costs without sacrificing results
  • How to swim effectively in open water
  • How to recover fast from tough races
  • The 4 secrets for self trained athletes
  • Motivational exercises
  • Increasing the strength without adding extra time
  • The basics about wetsuits
Let's face it. It is impossible to train for this kind of competition on your own. We all need good reliable information. However, if you are still wondering if this system is for you, you have to know that Ashley includes online coaching for three months which I think is great because if you have any doubts, there will be someone there to help you.

I wish that this article helps you in your preparation process. Be sure to get the best training before actually competing and remember to leave your feedback with your experience.

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